James has an extensive history of writing, directing and producing television programs, taking on his first producing and directing project at the age of 14.
From such illustrious high school productions as Extra Help and Your Schools (his debut as a director), to memorable Cable Access offerings like Westport Today and Variety Tonight (his debut as a writer), James clearly made his mark in the TV industry early. After four years of inflated tuition, false hopes, and four awards that mean nothing, James moved to Los Angeles as part of the Emerson College Mafia.
As an admitted Free-Lancer, James set to work on high-brow projects, like
The Olsen Twins’ Mother’s Day Special, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills, and SuperHuman Samurai Syber Squad (his first national writing credit).
James then worked for many years at Dick Clark Productions. Starting in the mail room, he eventually worked on all the major award shows, literally working at Dick Clark’s side for seven years of Golden Globe Awards, American Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, Family Film Awards, and Soap Opera Awards. The shows were truly trial by fire; multi-million dollar, live, three-hour, network specials for NBC, CBS, and ABC. James also worked along side Martin Short on The Martin Short Show for NBC, Weird Al on The Weird Al Show for CBS, and Roseanne on her late-night variety show, Saturday Night Special for FOX.
James was then hired as a writer on Ultimate Fan League, a comedic, sports-based game show. Unfortunately, James doesn’t know shit about sports, so that didn’t last.
But, then James was hired as the Production Supervisor of The X Show for FX Networks. Working closely with the Executive Producers, James quickly moved up to become a writer and producer. During his time at the X Show, James co-created, and was the Co-Executive Producer of, one of the first spin-offs in basic cable history, The New Movie Show with Chris Gore for FX Networks, an irreverent, edgy movie review show, hosted by the founder of Film Threat Magazine. The show was critically well-received, being both a TV Guide, and LA Weekly “Pick of the Week”.
James went on to co-create several successful shows, including Beat the Geeks, a game show for Comedy Central, which he also Co-Executive Produced. Beat the Geeks was named People Magazine’s “Show of the Week”, LA Weekly’s “Pick of the Week”, and was named to over a dozen critics Top Ten lists for 2001. James also Executive Produced and co-created Cram for Game Show Network, and Ultimate Film Fanatic for the Independent Film Channel. He has also served as an Executive Producer for two seasons of America's Most Talented Kids on PAX, and Co-Executive Producer for three seasons of VH1's smash hit, The Surreal Life.
Most recently, James co-developed and was an Executive Producer of Extreme Dodgeball, which is in its third season on Game Show Network, and has founded his own production company, Unlimited Pictures, inc.
James has numerous TV battle-scars, the most notable being the indelible impression of having seen Carol Channing in her underpants... aah the big time at last!
Created by or Developed by:
ULTIMATE FILM FANATIC, season 2 (IFC) – Created by / Executive Producer
ULTIMATE FILM FANATIC, season 1 (IFC) - Created by / Executive Producer
CRAM, season 2 (GSN) - Created by / Executive Producer
CRAM, season 1 (GSN) - Created by / Executive Producer
BEAT THE GEEKS, season 2 (COM) – Created by / Co-Executive Producer
BEAT THE GEEKS, season 1 (COM) – Created by / Co-Executive Producer

EXTREME DODGEBALL, season 3 (GSN) – Developed by / Executive Producer
EXTREME DODGEBALL, season 2 (GSN) – Developed by / Executive Producer
EXTREME DODGEBALL, season 1 (GSN) – Developed by / Executive Producer
NAT'L LAMPOON’S GREEK GAMES, 4 eps (GSN) – Developed by / Exec Prod.
THE NEW MOVIE SHOW, 26 eps (FX) – Developed by / Co-Exec Producer
Executive Producer / Co-Executive Producer
AMERICA’S MOST TALENTED KIDS, season 2 (PAX) - Executive Producer
AMERICA’S MOST TALENTED KIDS, season 1 (PAX) - Executive Producer
WHO WANTS to be GOVERNOR of CALIFORNIA? (GSN) - Executive Producer

THE SURREAL LIFE, season 5 (Vh1) - Co-Executive Producer
SURREAL LIFE REUNION: SEASON 4, special (Vh1) - Co-Executive Producer
THE SURREAL LIFE, season 4 (Vh1) - Co-Executive Producer
THE SURREAL LIFE, season 3 (Vh1) - Co-Executive Producer

Additional Producer / Writer credits:
THE SURREAL LIFE, season 2 (Vh1) - Consulting Producer
STRANGE LOVE, season 1 (Vh1) - Consulting Producer

The X SHOW, 3 seasons (FX) – Producer / Writer

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