For over a decade, Tom has been professionally producing, directing, writing and editing, but he has been doing all of the above for as long as he can remember.
He made his first film edit at age 4, and his first film festival submission at age 15 with a clay-mation short entitled "In the Beginning."  It involved primordial ooze.  And God.
After those heady days, Tom attended the Boston University College of Communication, where he focused on cinematography, screenwriting and playwriting.  Graduating with honors, awards and an inflated sense of self-worth, Tom immediately got to work on his first feature film.  Tom wrote, directed and edited the film, "Bleached," which was largely funded with money that was supposed to put him through medical school.  His parents forgave him, eventually.
"Bleached" premiered in 1997 at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, where Tom was runner-up for the Best Director prize.  Since that and $500 could buy a plane ticket, Tom moved to Hollywood while booking "Bleached" at independent theatres around the country.
During his first year in LA, Tom co-produced the feature documentary, "Death: A Love Story," which was (somewhat) less depressing than it sounds.  The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, and won awards at both the Santa Barbara and San Francisco International Film Festivals, as well as from the National Educational Media Network.
Meanwhile, Tom traded his microwave for Avid editing lessons, and began freelancing as an editor.  In addition to A&E’s "Biography," VH1’s "Behind the Music," and other, less-mentionable, basic cable gems, Tom also cut a feature documentary for Sharon Osbourne’s company about life with Ozzy.  The film was half-way finished when the Osbournes got the idea to turn it into a hit TV show.  Tom is really very happy for them, even though they don’t know his name.
From 2000-2005, Tom worked primarily with Mindless Entertainment.  Starting off as an editor on such projects as "The New Movie Show," "Beat the Geeks," and "The Surreal Life," Tom was soon the company’s supervising editor, and then head of the feature film department.  Tom’s first executive producer credit will be on the forthcoming feature film, "Laffghanistan: Comedy Down Range."
In late 2005, Tom joined James Rowley at Unlimited Pictures, inc.
LAFFGHANISTAN: COMEDY DOWN RANGE (2006) – Feature Film - Executive Producer
WIGGLY WALK (2000) – Short Film – Director
CUPPA CABBY, PIECE O’ PIE (2000) – Short Film – Director, Producer
DEATH: A LOVE STORY (1999) – Feature Film – Co-Producer
BLEACHED (1997) – Feature Film – Writer, Director, Editor
FLAVOR OF LOVE Pilot (VH1) – Supervising Editor
STRANGE LOVE (VH1) – Supervising Editor
THE SURREAL LIFE, Seasons 2 - 5 (WB & VH1)
EXTREME DODGEBALL, Seasons 1 and 2 (GSN) – Supervising Editor
ULTIMATE FILM FANATIC, Season 1 (IFC) – Supervising Editor
CRAM, Seasons 1 and 2 (GSN) – Supervising Editor
BEAT THE GEEKS, Seasons 1 and 2 (Comedy Central) – Supervising Editor
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